Ukraine Will Receive “Archers” From Sweden 

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Ukraine Will Receive “Archers” From Sweden 

The government of the state announced the beginning of the procedure of transfer of 8 self-propelled systems 

TT agency reported on the readiness of the government to send 8 self-propelled systems Archer to Ukraine. Preparations for the handover have already begun, with an assessment of the Swedish Armed Forces and a letter of request for a supplementary budget. Everyone is awaiting the parliament's answer. 

Such combat vehicles have only Britain and Sweden. And soon, the Ukrainian army will also work on installations that can make 20 shots in 2.5 minutes. The vehicle can be charged with shells, and the range of fire is up to 50 km. Archer also holds 3 people and can be controlled by 1 operator. An armoured platform protects the people in the vehicle. This saves soldiers even from 6 kg of mines.

The first Archer is expected to be in Ukraine in a few months. Sweden should equip the SPS with fire control computers and teach the Ukrainian defenders to work with Archer. Sweden also plans to open a hub near the borders with Ukraine to repair and maintain combat vehicles.

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