Ukraine Will Save Itself

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, June 3, 2022
Ukraine Will Save Itself

The White House does not want to provide an MLRS system for Ukraine

The Ukrainian side has been calling on the White House for more than two months to send systems to launch tactical missiles. However, the United States is not hurry to grant permission to supply MLRS. Washington fears Russia's reaction and Ukraine's actions. According to experts, this particular heavy weapon would be able to completely change the course of the war.

Let's note that the Russian side has already threatened America with revenge. According to propaganda channels, once Ukraine starts using new systems, Russia will not hesitate to respond.

For its part, Washington is not prepared for Russia to be a deterrent force. On Wednesday, June 1, it was announced that America had approved the delivery of the Himars' multiple-launch rocket system. These are also long-range weapons requested by Ukraine. However, the White House did not decide on another heavy weapon, MLRS systems.

American politicians believe that the MLRS system may hit targets on the territory of Russia, which will lead to an escalation of the conflict. Several experts believe that this weapon could save the lives of hundreds of Ukrainians.

"In my view, there are several tactical and strategic reasons why these arms transfers are true of great importance and change the entire military paradigm. Ukraine is trying to stop the indiscriminate shelling carried out by Russia from mobile multiple-launch systems on its side of the border. The Russian Federation possesses these capabilities, the range of such weapons in its arsenal reaches 200-300 miles. And it's been going on for a long time. As for MLRS systems, it is difficult to say how they can be used against partially mobile Russian targets, but their deliveries would have an extraordinary effect," said military analyst Chris Osborne.

It should be noted that the MLRS will probably not be transferred to Ukraine. The systems Himars have already been approved for transfer. Ukrainian defenders have started training.

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