Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Highlights Benefits of Local Weapon Production with Western Partners

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, January 19, 2024
Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Highlights Benefits of Local Weapon Production with Western Partners

Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Defense, Ivan Havryliuk, emphasized the country’s keen interest in establishing joint production facilities with Western defense companies

In an interview with Tagesspiegel, Havryliuk outlined the strategic advantages of this approach.

Key Points:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness and Self-Sufficiency: Local production of Western-model weapons in Ukraine would reduce costs for the Armed Forces and lessen dependence on Western weapon supplies. However, Ukraine currently cannot meet all its defense needs, especially in areas like air defense systems and long-range weaponry.

  2. Potential for Increased Production: Ukrainian enterprises, both state-owned and private, have the capacity to produce more weapons than the state currently purchases. Encouraging Western partners to finance the Ukrainian defense industry could increase domestic purchases.

  3. Logistical and Economic Benefits: Hosting Western production facilities in Ukraine offers logistical savings and lower production costs compared to Europe or the USA. This move is not about building new plants but modernizing existing ones to produce advanced equipment, like armored vehicles.

  4. Example of Tank Production: Havryliuk cited Ukraine's history of tank production, suggesting that with German expertise and technology, existing facilities could be adapted to produce models like the Leopard tank.

  5. Countering Russia's Economic Power: Despite Russia's vast resources, it has sought military support from countries like Iran and North Korea. Ukraine aims to bolster its defense capabilities and industry with Western help, including potentially using frozen Russian assets in Europe.

  6. Importance of Long-Range Missiles: The acquisition of German Taurus missiles is crucial for Ukraine’s defense strategy.

  7. Existing Partnerships and Developments: The Ukrainian defense concern has agreements with Rheinmetall and other defense companies from the Czech Republic, Poland, and more. Additionally, a German firm is setting up an armored vehicle repair center in Ukraine.

Havryliuk's comments underline the strategic importance of developing Ukraine's defense industry in collaboration with Western partners, enhancing the country's self-reliance in defense and contributing to the broader effort against Russian aggression.

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