Ukrainian Aircraft Industry Company is Now in Canada

Monday, July 26, 2021
Ukrainian Aircraft Industry Company is Now in Canada

The “Antonov” State Enterprise has established “Antonov-Canada”, a subsidiary in the province of Quebec, the purpose of which will be to manufacture “AN-74TK-200” aircraft in international markets. This is reported in a press release of the company “Capital Hill Group”

The Antonov company is a Ukrainian state-owned enterprise, the core business of which is the development, production and repair of the AN aircraft series, as well as air cargo transportation.

The aircrafts are planned to be assembled at facilities in Ukraine and Canada. In particular, they want to sell these An-74s to North America. A number of modifications of the aircraft are being designed now. They want to bring them in conformity with the certification requirements of the Canadian Aviation Authority.

Antonov-Canada company was created to promote to the international market the airplanes, designed and made at Antonov company. The primary task of the companies is to organize cooperation and establish the work of the design bureau for research and development, pre-processing and testing.

An-74TK-200 aircraft is designed for transportation of 52 passengers and cargo up to 10 tons, as well as mixed passenger and cargo transportation on international short- and medium-range air routes. The maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is 36,5 tons, maximum flight altitude — 10,100 m, cruising speed — 600-700 km/h, range with 10 tons of cargo — 950 km, with a load of 1,8 tons, it is 4,250 km. The crew consists of two people. The aircraft can be used in particularly harsh operating conditions, such as arctic or high altitude, temporary, natural, limited runways with minimal or no support infrastructure, which is certainly a market advantage of this aircraft model.

The AN-74 is a light transport aircraft with jet engines, a modification of the AN-72 aircraft. It has a range of 4,600 km and a speed of 560 km/h. It made its first flight in 1983. It is designed for ice reconnaissance and transportation. It can also be converted into a cargo and ambulance aircraft.

The AN-74 will make maximum use of the latest promising aviation technologies. It is also planned to develop a number of modifications of the AN-74 for civil and special purposes.

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