Ukrainian Airline Opened the USA’s Sky

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Ukrainian Airline Opened the USA’s Sky

"SkyUp" has received a certificate as a foreign air carrier FAR129 and will provide its service to passengers in US airports

Ukrainian airline SkyUp Airlines announced that from now on it will provide its service in the USA. The company received permission to fly in the US airspace – namely, 4 Boeing planes from SkyUp now have foreign licenses. The fleet of the Ukrainian company in the USA passed:

  • Certification for economic activity;
  • TSA approval check (for aircraft compliance with aviation safety requirements);
  • FAA approval (Part129 operating specification).

"An important goal for the brand's international development has been achieved. I am proud of the team's professional approach and perseverance in achieving results. Also, on behalf of the company, I express my sincere gratitude to the competent US government agencies for their trust and the opportunity to work in the United States," Dmytro Sieroukhov, CEO of the company.

SkyUp's planes of this company and others cannot work in the Ukrainian sky because of the war that Russia began. However, SkyUp Airlines has so far chosen a different path of development and is working on leasing: they hand over aircraft along with Ukrainian crews to European companies from Spain, Italy, the UAE, Slovakia, France, Croatia and others.

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