Ukrainian and Bulgarian Sides Have a Diplomatic Meeting in Sofia

Friday, June 4, 2021
Ukrainian and Bulgarian Sides Have a Diplomatic Meeting in Sofia

The subject of the meeting on June 4 was the issue of Ukraine's territorial integrity, Ukraine's European perspective, and the efforts of the Government of Ukraine on the path of reform

Deputy PM for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Olga Stefanishina and PM of Bulgaria Stefan YanevPrime Minister Stefan Yanev stressed Bulgaria's interest in supporting Ukraine.

The main topics of conversation were the strengthening of the international partnership through the creation of the future Alliance and the membership of Ukraine and Georgia in NATO. It will be recalled that the NATO summit will take place on June 14. Representatives of both countries also discussed Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations and security in the Black Sea and bilateral relations.

The Bulgarian government listened to and supported the proposals made by Ukraine to deepen regional cooperation.

 Another issue of the meeting was the security of Ukraine. Prospects for improving the conditions for the integrity of borders and the country's defense capabilities were discussed. Olga Stefanishina expressed hope for support in building Euro-Atlantic unity around deepening Ukraine's integration, which will be the best indicator of a high level of security in the country.

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