Ukrainian Armed Forces Trainings Started in the UK

This stage includes the military education of sergeants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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Since the summer, regular exercises of Ukrainian soldiers and military leaders have been held on the territory of Great Britain

Instructors from Finland, Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and New Zealand participate in the training.

On October 5, the training of sergeants of the Ukrainian army began in the UK, based on the Ukrainian program for junior training commanders, taking into account their combat experience. In addition to training in the handling of foreign military equipment and tactical training, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will take part in seminars on leadership, the basics of psychology and international humanitarian law. After training, Ukrainian service members will receive a command in departments and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We remind you that the training program for the Ukrainian military, "10.000 soldiers every 120 days", was launched at the initiative of Boris Johnson. He now leads the group Friends of Ukraine at the UK parliament.

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