Ukrainian Brands Don’t Require Support But Give It

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Ukrainian Brands Don’t Require Support But Give It

Ukrainian businesses do their best to support Ukrainians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine 

In Ukraine, the popularization of national brands began after Russia launched a full-scale war against a people that wanted to move toward European standards. Many politicians, movie stars, and influencers ask people to support Ukrainian products. In turn, Ukrainian brands provide not only services but also donate money to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Sometimes little-known brands do tremendous things. 

  • Educational platform Projector Institute and brand of blankets Woolkrafts;

The 2 companies created a new blanket Shelter. But in addition, they have developed a program that will teach 5.000 Ukrainian women new creative and technological professions. Companies train women because they realize that some people have lost their husbands or have been forced to move to the city and now have to rebuild their lives.

  • Ukrainian brand of underwear Brabrabrabrabra;

Women's shop launched the initiative Bra friend. This humanitarian program provides free lingerie for internally displaced persons (women).

  • Cinema network Planeta Kino;

The Planeta Kino has launched a program to help the settlers. Anyone can buy a ticket for a movie and post it" on the website for people who have lost their homes. The person who wants to use the ticket from the virtual wall does not have to pay.

Also, the international network in the beauty industry, G.Bar, popular in Ukraine, has started the project to support Ukrainians who left home because of the attack on Russia. Beauty salons give Ukrainians any procedure and beauty box. Women may visit any salon in any of the 26 countries where G.Bar. Some beauty boxes have special red lipstick to celebrate the victory.

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