Keira Knightley Voiced Ukrainian Anne Frank

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Keira Knightley Voiced Ukrainian Anne Frank

Now you can listen to the audio version of a diary of a girl from Kharkiv in the voice of the British actress

12-year-old Eva Skaletska from Kharkiv began writing her diary when Russia attacked Ukraine. Eva and her grandmother fled from the war to Dublin, and the girl's parents remained in Ukraine. Eva began to pour out her fears and experiences on the pages of her diary. October 25, the memoirs of a child who grew up too early were published by Bloomsbury, London, as a book with the name You Don't Know What War Is.

With the help of Keira Knightley, an audio version of the book was created, according to book giant The bookseller. Now everyone who has not been to Ukraine and does not like to read can get acquainted with the history of a child who witnessed the modern war.

The Ukrainian service Better Time Stories also offers the creation of audio versions of famous Ukrainian fairy tales. Thanks to this project, every mother can record a fairytale for her child, who is now, like Eva, hiding from the war thousands of kilometres away from home.

Earlier in Mariupol found a diary of an 8-year-old boy, which describes the deaths and injuries of his relatives and a dog, events in the occupied city and hope for life.

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