Ukrainian Night Business VS War Curfew

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Ukrainian Night Business VS War Curfew

“UNight” demands to restore the work of nightclubs and p. m. entertainments, promising to transfer part of the taxes to the army

UNight is an association of nightclubs in the capital of Ukraine, which aims to defend the interests of night businesses. Recall that due to the war in Ukraine, a curfew operates from 11 p. m. to 5 a.m., prohibiting people from leaving their houses and businesses to work. 

The goal of UNight is to give civilians in cities a chance to take a rest and help the country's economy/military with taxes from income. 4 hours per week people could have permission to spend all night long in clubs or restaurants from UNight participants, and part of the profits would be sent to the armed forces of Ukraine. Thus, UNight wants to help the army, as well as create jobs, which cannot but affect the receipt of taxes in the treasury of the country. 

The founders of the project also believe that the return to the work of nightclubs is the promotion of Ukrainian culture. Because when musicians of Ukraine do not develop or refuse to participate in international festivals, russia occupies their places. Recall that any appearance of russia at the international level is a new opportunity for its army to receive funds and spread its propaganda.

"Cultural diplomacy is very important and influences international support and assistance to Ukraine. If a Ukrainian does not perform at the festival, they need to fill the quota of Eastern Europe. All grants that Ukrainian organisations do not receive are taken by russians," anonymous owner of a nightclub in Kyiv.

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