“Ukrainian Day” Opens at the Venice Film Festival

by Мейфан Гончарук
Wednesday, August 30, 2023
“Ukrainian Day” Opens at the Venice Film Festival

President of the Venice Biennale and artistic director of the film festival will open a day dedicated to Ukraine

Today, August 30, the Venice film festival started in Italy. Its organisers, president of the Venice Biennale Roberto Cicutto and artistic director of the film festival Alberto Barbera decided to show support for Ukraine, which has been suffering from Russian military aggression for months. On 6 September, the day of Ukraine and Ukrainian cinema will be held. For this day, the special program of the Venice Biennale was developed. So in Italy will be discussions about the present and the development of cinema in Ukraine, meetings of cultural figures and several presentations. One of the panels is called Ukrainian film industry during the war. This presentation will be held by the head of the State film agency of Ukraine, Marina Kuderchuk. She will show the world how the industry is developing from February 24, 2022.

In addition, the Shooting in Ukraine: support and cooperation panel will be presented at the Venice Film Festival. Influential representatives of the film industry are involved in this presentation: the head of the Ukrainian film association, Victoria Yarmoshchuk, the head of the Association of film industry of Ukraine, Sergey Lavrenyuk, the producer of the film "Bucha" Alexander Shchur, producer Andrii Nogin and director Philip Azule.

Ukrainian cinema lives even during the war. The number of Ukrainian actors, ideas and spaces contributes to the fact that this sphere continues to develop and also gives an opportunity for cooperation.

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