Ukrainian Drone for Demining

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, April 24, 2023
Ukrainian Drone for Demining

"Efarm Pro" startup retrained from the development of auto-navigators to equipment for demining and clearing Ukrainian territories

What are the times — such are the inventions. The Ukrainians presented the 3rd development for the disposal of explosive devices left on our territory by the Russian war.

Before the war, the Ukrainian project Efarm Pro was developed in the field of agronavigators and controllers for the agricultural industry of Ukraine. Efarm Pro experts managed to implement their findings into a machine for remote demining. The system includes a drone that primarily scans the territory and transmits the coordinates of explosive objects at a depth of up to a meter. Further on the field, according to the obtained coordinates, a robot sapper goes out and clears the mine, and the final link is a remote-controlled armoured tractor. The tractor pulls out the detonation remains from the ground and makes it suitable for sowing.

For now, Efarm Pro will work only in demining agricultural areas. Over time, the system will be involved in securing the de-occupied cities and towns of Ukraine.

Today, more than 30% of Ukraine is mined. And Efarm Pro is extremely necessary for Ukraine because, in just 10 hours, it can monitor 20 hectares of fields.

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