Ukrainian e-Commerce Trends in 2021

Monday, July 12, 2021
Ukrainian e-Commerce Trends in 2021

The Ukrainian e-commerce market in 2020 showed the highest growth rate in Central-Eastern Europe — plus 41% and reached $3,97 bln. As a result, the growth of the Ukrainian e-commerce market exceeded experts' forecasts almost threefold

The reason for such unprecedented acceleration is obvious. Because of the pandemic of Covid-19 many new players, from mini-manufacturers to coffee houses, began to trade via the internet. Large online and offline stores and marketplaces have strengthened their positions. Now almost 9% of all purchases in Ukraine are made online. Most of all Ukrainian goods go to the U.S.

According to the study, the top largest marketplaces in Ukraine: Rozetka, Prom, Allo, Bigl and Epicenter. The most popular model of monetization — commission on sales.

At the beginning of this year, the sales volume of the online clothing segment was $291 mln.

Top 10 online stores in 2020:

  • Klubok
  • Kloomba
  • Kasta
  • Intertop
  • Zara
  • H&M
  • Lamoda
  • Answear
  • Lebotique 

Suppliers do not focus on 1-2 marketplaces but try to differentiate sales and reach the maximum number of sites.

Of 100% of suppliers:

  • 82,6% sell on Rozetka
  • 71% — Prom
  • 66,2% — Epicenter
  • 43,9% — Hello
  • 20,3% — Kasta
  • 36,2% —
  • 18,8% — Skidka
  • 26,6% — Zakupka
  • 8,7% — Shafa
  • 39,1% — Bigl
  • 37,7% — Olx

Only 14,5% of suppliers sell abroad.

The highest growth this year was shown by the categories: 

  • Personal protective equipment (gloves +94300%, medical devices +94300%, antiseptics +10113%, overalls +9320%, masks +8006%);
  • vitamins and minerals +2723%;
  • frameless furniture +960%;
  • 3D plastic +577%;
  • body thermometers +506%.

82,6% believe that marketplaces are the most promising channel, and only 40,6% voted for their own site. Only 8,7% believe in the prospects of offline in the next 2 years.

The volume of e-exports in 2020 amounted to about $450 mln.

Mostly, e-exports are represented by sales of Ukrainian companies' products through international" rel="dofollow">commerce platforms (Amazon, Etsy).

Ukrainian e-export:

  1. 13,5 mln transactions;
  2. $35 an average check;
  3. volume of e-exports $450 mln;
  4. 30% annual growth.

Experts b2b platform Hubber predicts that the dynamics of growth of e-commerce in 2021 will be 30-40%. The minor slowdown in the company was attributed to the resumption of offline retail (in 2020 about 50 days offline did not work on the conditions of the lockdown).

Hubber noted such trends in e-commerce in Ukraine:

  1. The launch of new marketplaces;
  2. Increase of fulfillment centers;
  3. Marketplace dominance. About 52% of product searches in the U.S. are conducted directly on Amazon and less and less on Google;
  4. Ukrainian suppliers will increase the share of sales at foreign marketplaces (now 10-15% of merchants sell their products not only in Ukraine). 


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