Ukrainian Engineers Constructed a Drone

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 27, 2022
Ukrainian Engineers Constructed a Drone

"Shark" UAV is created from exclusively Ukrainian parts and technology and is capable of adjusting fire

Not long did the music play for the Iranian drones. On October 27, the Ukrainian engineering bureau Ukrspecsystems presented the Shark drone. The peculiarity of that UAV is that it works according to Ukrainian technology and is created from spare parts produced in Ukraine from Ukrainian materials. The reconnaissance drone is capable of deepening into the enemy zone by 60 km, fixing objects at a distance of 5 km from itself through a camera with a 30x zoom, transmitting information to drone operators, and adjusting fire. Moreover, the Shark has enough power to work with weapons such as HIMARS. The standard travel speed is 70-90 km/h, the maximum is 150 km/h.

The development of Shark to the version in which we see it today took 6 months. So far, the flight time of the drone is 2 hours. Features may be enhanced in the future.

In addition, Ukrainians have learned to fight off Russian martyrs even better: today, 19 drones were destroyed in 2 hours. 1 of them was recorded using a Ukrainian application that allows civilians to transmit information about the movement of enemy drones.

Our country cannot be defeated. Glory to Ukraine!

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