Ukrainian Programmers Helped Shoot Down the First Russian Missile

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, October 27, 2022
Ukrainian Programmers Helped Shoot Down the First Russian Missile

October 22, 2022, mobile app "helped to humiliate the Russian missile "Caliber"

According to the application developer, the Russian missile flew very low in the country's south. The radar of the air defence system cannot detect missiles at this altitude. This threatens to cause more casualties in the country. However, the Russian plan failed — the citizens of Ukraine noticed the low-flying object and used the application eAirDefence. The defenders of Ukraine received a report from citizens. The anti-aircraft aircraft received precise target instructions and had time to shoot down the missile. The lethal Russian missile was shot down by a portable missile complex Needle (SA-18 Grouse — Pentagon and NATO coding).

An application that relays accurate military data on the movement of low-flying Russian objects was created by a developer from Odesa, Hennadii Suldin. According to him, the creation of the application was agreed upon with the operational and air command of the South. Odesa's team has been working on the project since May. The application became available for Ukrainians in early October. It's now available to residents of the country with the Android system. Any Ukrainian spotted a missile or drone could inform the Ukrainian armed forces about the site. In eAirDefence you can choose the type of threat, coordinates, direction, etc. Messages are sent to soldiers within 5-6 seconds.

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