Ukrainian Foodtech Trends 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Ukrainian Foodtech Trends 2022

IT-based cooking processes are being actively developed in Ukraine

Foodtech is one of the most promising investments in Ukrainian business investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/" rel="dofollow">for investors. Many new services have appeared in Ukraine in just a couple of years. But which of them will evolve further, let us consider further.

Experts of high cuisine predict the growth of the number of services with orders of food and food kits with cooking recipes, services on supplying restaurants with food.

In 2022, companies will move towards multiple deliveries. They will deliver products from shops and restaurants, and markets. Also, some Ukrainian organizations are considering combining food delivery services with others. For example, it will be possible to order two stops in some taxi services. One of them is when the driver picked up a customer's dinner. The second one was when the driver picked up the client.

Another trend is the emergence of restaurants in "sleeping" areas. The situation is changing rapidly, and new transportation is being created and operated even for remote areas away from the center. Services will make it possible to order in the food of this area which is not there now. Food will not be delivered from the city center, but from restaurants that appear in these areas.

One of the most popular and promoted trends in Ukraine, as it was a few years ago, will be the food from the 3D printer.

The advent and development of such food trends in Ukraine make it possible to create new jobs and give customers more time to rest and their loved ones.

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