Ukrainian Hackers Expose Data from Russian Drone Manufacturer “Albatros”

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, April 15, 2024
Ukrainian Hackers Expose Data from Russian Drone Manufacturer “Albatros”

Ukrainian hacker group “Cyber Resistance,” in collaboration with the international intelligence community InformNapalm, has successfully obtained over 100 GB of sensitive data from “Albatros,” a Russian company engaged in drone production

This significant cyber operation revealed critical information regarding the company's activities and affiliations.

The acquired data shed light on operations at the special economic zone "Alabuga" in Yelabuga municipal district, Republic of Tatarstan, where "Albatros" is implicated in assembling Iranian Shahed 136 drones under the Russian designation Geran-2. These drones have been reportedly used in attacks on civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The hackers gained access through the personal data of Alexei Florov, the general director of "Albatros." The leak exposed that the "Alabuga" zone not only manufactures kamikaze drones but also serves as a comprehensive military facility, legitimizing it as a military target.

"Albatros" has been producing drones since 2017, initially operating in the Moscow region before relocating to Alabuga in 2023. In December 2023, the US Department of Commerce imposed export restrictions against 28 Russian companies, including "Albatros" and "Delfin Alabuga," citing their activities within the SEZ "Alabuga."

Further revelations from Florov's personal correspondence indicate his direct involvement with several companies related to drone manufacturing and other military applications. He is linked as the director of Geomir and the head of ALB.AERO, among other roles.

The significance of "Albatros" and related entities, especially in the context of assembling Shahed drones, has drawn international scrutiny, with the US explicitly expressing concerns over the militarization efforts within "Alabuga." Reports and visual evidence suggesting the manufacturing of military drones on Russian soil were first brought to light in late 2022, highlighting the strategic importance of this location in Russia's military drone program.

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