Ukrainian IT Sector and NATO Released an Online Game

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Ukrainian IT Sector and NATO Released an Online Game

"Hype vs Truth" to teach people to recognise propaganda and disinformation

Strategic communications center Stratcom Ukraine and NATO Information and documentation center wrote an educational game. The developers offer players to become media moguls who spread information about the activities of organisations, in particular about the values of NATO and assistance to Ukraine. If the player chooses to publish fake and manipulative data influencing the public, then he goes to a level, where receives effective advice on countering misinformation and the rules for creating an information field. Also, the winner is offered to fill out a questionnaire and can win 2 tickets to visit NATO Headquarters in Brussels. 

The main purpose of the game Hype vs Truth created by Ukraine and NATO is to teach people media literacy and counter-fakes. Here Ukrainians may learn to combat disinformation of russian propagandists. 

Recall recently it became known that the kremlin has allocated several million to spread lies for South America about the USA, Ukraine and the war. 

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