Ukrainian IT Startup Launched in Brazil

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 31, 2023
Ukrainian IT Startup Launched in Brazil

Edtech startup "Mate academy" will teach IT professions for free

The project has already been implemented in Ukraine and Poland. For this purpose, $1.9 million of investments were raised in 2019. The main model of the company contracts is the income share agreement. On the educational platform, teachers give students free knowledge for future employment. After completing training and obtaining a place in the company, graduates deduct 12% of their monthly salary for 3 years.

Now, Mate academy has opened in Brazil by the same model. Currently, it searches for employees who will be constantly in the country. After that, MA will move to the marketing stage. The next educational platform is planned to open in Latin America.

Almost 3.000 students have already applied for services to the Ukrainian company Mate academy. These are specialists from Ukraine, Poland, Great Britain, South Africa, Asia and Europe. 

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