Ukrainian Military Destroyed the Pride of Russia

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, October 17, 2022
Ukrainian Military Destroyed the Pride of Russia

AFU are the first in the world to destroy the modern radar of the Russian air defence, worth $500 mln

On August 5, the Russian control radar S-400 was destroyed in Ukraine. This became known from the obituary of Russian lieutenant Andrii Hrakov. The military was part of the team of the Russian air defence system and was the operator of the radar system 92H2E. The 92H2E is the most important link for the S-400. Without it, the air defence system becomes inoperable. The 92H2E was hit by a direct hit. It is worth noting that this weapon can simultaneously track 100 targets and shoot them down with 72 anti-aircraft missiles. The cost of the Russian system is $500 million.

It is reported that no one in the world has ever disrupted such a multifunctional radar and failed to disable a critical system. But the Russian army came to seize the wrong land and the wrong people.

"This is the main air and missile defence system of the Russian Armed Forces. Turkey and India bought it and put it into service. But only Ukraine got the unique experience of the destruction of Triumph," wrote Facebook famous Ukrainian journalist and military commander Yurii Butusov.

We remind you that in July, the AFU destroyed the Russian Podlet radar.

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