Ukrainian Neobank Entered the TOP-200 World Fintech Companies

by Olha Povalaieiva
Monday, September 11, 2023
Ukrainian Neobank Entered the TOP-200 World Fintech Companies

"Monobank" entered the list of the best companies according to "CNBC" and "Statista"

Over the past 12 months, Statista has analysed more than 1.500 international fintech companies, public and private, in 9 categories: neobanking, digital payments, digital assets, digital financial planning, digital wealth management, alternate financing, alternate lending, digital banking solutions, and digital business solutions. CNBC included 200 of the most promising and developed companies in the list of the best fintech companies.

The Ukrainian bank Monobank was included in the top 200 projects in the Neobanking category. Since its development in 2017, more than 7.5 million Ukrainians have become Monobank clients; despite the fact that Monobank does not have a single physical office and all operations are performed exclusively online. This is the most innovative and interactive bank in Ukraine. This year, Monobank launched on the Polish market because that is where the largest number of Ukrainian refugees are located. For the Ukrainian-Polish audience, the bank is known as Stereo.

The CNBC list also includes the world-famous Ant Group, Tencent, PayPal, Stripe, Klarna, Revolut, etc. Each of the companies was considered separately according to the direction of their work, and they were not compared to each other since they work according to different principles and approaches. For example, Monzo and Stripe: share the same category, but Stripe is not licensed and does not provide consumer credit.

Each company received Statista's private call for data and was analysed for more than 10,000 criteria: annual reports, company performance and website functionality, income of business participants, etc. 

The total sample included 40% of companies for general KPIs and 60% for segmental KPIs.

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