Ukrainian Online Casino has Signed a Contract to Receive the Games of the World Leader

Friday, August 6, 2021
Ukrainian Online Casino has Signed a Contract to Receive the Games of the World Leader

Recently, an agreement was signed between the legal online casino "Slots City" and "Greentube / Novomatic Interactive" to obtain licensed software

Signing a contract with a world leader in the development of gambling technologies will be an important step towards the development of the legal gambling business in Ukraine.

According to the head of the online casino Slots Pavlo Hryshchenko: "The contract on licensed software with Greentube/Novomatic is, first of all, a high level of security and protection of personal data of our casino guests," says Slots City CEO Oleh Kononchuk.

"Ukrainian gambling is just beginning its path in the legal world, and this contract of ours is a decisive step towards responsible gambling. And if last year Ukraine decided to move from illegal casinos to opening the market in general, today we are moving to the legal market for gambling software. building a civilized gambling market according to the best Western models."

The head of Slots casino Pavlo Gryshchenko pays special attention to guarantees because they are the main difference between legal and illegal platforms. We are talking specifically about the guarantee of payments since the casino is still an online format.

“Illegal casinos also pay out winnings, because without this they risk losing their customers. But if suddenly you don’t receive your money from a “gray operator”, there are no guarantees of a refund. The second guarantee is the use of licensed software, which excludes the possibility of cheating in the game. Legal casinos can guarantee returns at the level of 94-98% since they use licensed software, the work of which cannot be influenced. The license obliges the operator to protect the player. Take at least personal data: pirate casino operators can exchange information about their customers with their partners, and in our case, customer data will be protected by law," says Pavlo Gryshchenko.

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