Ukrainian Online Notary for the United States

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, January 14, 2022
Ukrainian Online Notary for the United States

A Ukrainian company called “OneNotary”, which operates in the US market, attracted $1.75 million in investment in its project

The main investors in the project became GoodPaper Venture, Digital Future VC, TMT Investments, U.Ventures, and Adventures Lab VC. The company will use the funds of investors to raise the level of existing business solutions, improve security and detect fraud, and increase the speed of the document preparation process using artificial intelligence technologies. Also, part of the capital will be used to develop a marketing strategy to increase knowledge about existing strengths and capabilities and expand market potential. 

“Our company's mission is to help businesses speed up closing deals by offering the integration of online notarization into their work tools. At the moment, no one in the industry can provide such a simple, seamless solution that we have developed, "said Ivan Zinkov, CEO of OneNotary

The online notary platform was created in 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic was in full swing. Before the global pandemic, online notarization was available in only a few states, but today it is relevant in 39 states. Thanks to recorded audio and video, verification of the signatory's identity, and digital sealing of documents, online notarization makes the transaction more secure than offline. Notarization is required in real estate, buying cars, and education. OneNotary successfully covers all these needs, with more than 10.000 notaries from all states in its network.

The OneNotary team is actively working to make online notarization a standard for the US market. Ambitious plans are to conquer the international market.

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