Ukrainian or Foreign IT Specialists

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, December 3, 2021
Ukrainian or Foreign IT Specialists

Maximum attention is paid to the IT market today. At the same time, Ukrainian developers are in great demand in both domestic and foreign IT companies

There is a stereotype in society that a foreign IT company is always more than a choice for candidates. The fact that programmers’ salaries in the western market are high contributed to this opinion. And for any novice developer, a line in the resume indicating the first place of work in a foreign IT company is an opportunity to increase your price tag as a programmer. But if we look at the case of working with western IT companies more broadly, it turns out that not everything is so smooth. For example, freedom of action in foreign companies has a very high cost. The cost of employee error is very high. There is much more "flow" in foreign companies than in Ukrainian ones to understand the situation. Experts are seen as a tool for teamwork. Often, if an employee does not show a quick result in the first months of work — they are immediately replaced.

In contrast, many Ukrainian IT companies value and grow employees. The approach to its growth within the company is more balanced. There is much more freedom for development in small Ukrainian IT companies, and internal relations are much warmer. Because the owners themselves have come a long way and have been working in the area for more than 20 years. Therefore, there is an understanding that the main resource is the employee. Another plus for developers who work with Ukrainian companies is our mentality’s clearer market. At first glance, this factor seems small. But it's one thing to negotiate and build relationships with foreigners when you're a tourist, and quite another to construct long-lasting, strong working relationships.

Summing up all the above — Ukrainian IT companies are ready to invest in developing programmers. People are seen as a more stable resource, and the expert understands that its development is an essential factor for the company’s owners.

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