Statement by Josep Borrell on the Ukrainian Counteroffensive

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 15, 2022
Statement by Josep Borrell on the Ukrainian Counteroffensive

The high representative said that the successes of the AFU are a marker of the correctness of the EU strategy, and therefore it is necessary to continue supplying weapons to Ukraine

On September 14, during a meeting of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Josep Borel made several statements about Ukraine, the supply of weapons to our army and the increased sanctions pressure on Russia.

"When Ukraine launched a counter-offensive, it achieved much more success than even we expected. The strategy that we chose initially is correct, we must stick to it. Now is not the time to relax. We must dominate from now on. Putin expects weak democracies, vulnerable democracies to show up in winter, when it's cold and gas prices are high, and cut off aid to Ukraine. But we need to continue this assistance because it is effective," Josep Borrel.

We remind you that the European Union has created a specially authorized clearing body to process Ukraine's requests for weapons and supplies/offers from partner countries. One of the tasks of the body is to monitor all points in order to prevent duplication of positions and optimal allocation of resources. A representative of this body took part in the 5th meeting of the Rammstein format.

"Could anyone have guessed when Putin started this war that in 6 months, the Russian army would be forced to go on the defensive and even retreat? Who then could imagine such a thing? This was made possible thanks to the courage of Ukrainians defending their country, but also thanks to the help we provide them," Josep Borel.

In January 2022, Borel was in the Donetsk region and Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba told him that Ukraine would need weapons to defend itself if Russia attacked Ukraine.

"This is what we are doing now. I would like to use the rostrum of the European Parliament to appeal to EU citizens not to weaken support for Ukraine. Now is not the time to cut such support. It works. Therefore, we need to continue to create conditions that will help resolve this conflict with respect for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity," Borrell concluded.

Representative of the European People's party for foreign affairs Michael Haller said that partner countries should maintain the intensity of arms supplies to Ukraine and not look back at the risks of reducing their own defence complex. Now Europe, through the hands of Ukraine, is devastating Russia's defence stocks, thus increasing the chances of the European Union to live without war.

"You're right. But I am not a European defence minister who can give orders to European armies on what to do and how. My role is that of a coordinator. We continue to bring all governments to understand that there is a question where the time factor is important. So, if we can do something today, it's better not to put it off until the winter, when it will be more difficult," Josep Borel.

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