Ukrainian Ranking of the Best Employers by “Forbes Ukraine”

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 24, 2022
Ukrainian Ranking of the Best Employers by “Forbes Ukraine”

The world-famous magazine and the Ukrainian job search/employee portal "" named the best employers in the country for the second year in a row

The list includes employers such as manufacturers of consumer goods, IT companies, financial institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. To compile statistics, the authors conducted an anonymous survey of 30.000 employees from a large number of different companies. As a result, the assessments of reputable labor market experts and information from publicly available sources also played an important role. Still, the last, decisive word was for the employees. In selecting the leaders, 23 criteria were considered, including working conditions, the availability of a social package, opportunities for development, and a sense of security.

The authors of the rating emphasized that every employer should take care of every component of comfort in the team, and the allocation of at least one item can provoke employees to look for another job.

Such big players of the Ukrainian market as tobacco company JTI," rel="dofollow">agricultural company Syngenta, IT-company Intellias, pharmaceutical company Darnytsia got into the TOP-50.

According to Forbes, JTI has become the best employer in Ukraine. The company provides its employees with a complete social package on the labor market. Second place went to Intellias. Employees of the company say that they are delighted with their work schedule and easily combine personal and working life. People who work for Darnytsia will study at Harvard Medical School for free.

It should be noted that a total of 147 days were spent on filling out the questionnaires for the Forbes rating. The highest place was given to the company with the most significant number of employees with equal scores. Employers whose questionnaires did not score enough statistics did not get to the top. Questionnaires showing signs of falsification were also not taken into account.

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