Ukrainian Rocket Took Off in America

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, October 2, 2022
Ukrainian Rocket Took Off in America

On 1 October "Firefly Aerospace" launched the rocket "Alpha"

Firefly Aerospace is an American company which a Ukrainian operates. It conducted the second test launch of the carrier rocket. The rocket can fly to a height of 300 km and lift no more than 1170 kg of baggage. Alpha is ideal for satellite NASA TechEdSat-15, Serenity, and others. 

In the winter of this year, the company made the first test launch of the missile. After testing, the rocket improved, changing some features of the engines. The second Alpha launch took place with engines with lower vibrations. This allows the rocket to be more reliable and environmentally friendly for the planet. The new launch vehicle test was necessary for the development of the company. It took place based on US space forces Vandenberg and was successful. The payload has already been delivered to orbit. Experts note that few companies can successfully launch missiles on the second attempt.

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