Ukrainian Schools on Solar Batteries

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, October 21, 2022
Ukrainian Schools on Solar Batteries

The foundation "Energy act for Ukraine" has launched a project called "100 solar schools"

The foundation Energy act for Ukraine was established in April 2022. It was headed by the Ukrainian renewable energy specialist Yuliana Onishchuk. The head of the fund was previously engaged in the issues of "green" energy, but a full-scale invasion forced the specialist to start specializing in assistance to front-line and affected regions. Currently, the energy sector in which Yuliana Onishchuk works is subject to the supply of fuel boxes, electric generators, and mobile solar stations. The foundation plans to launch a project of 100 solar schools. According to it, Ukraine will have 100 institutions that can work only on solar energy. This project is actual, considering that over the last weeks, Russia destroys Ukrainian power plants.

The first solar station is planned to be installed at school №17 in Irpin. During the fighting in the Kyiv region, educational institution was damaged. Immediately after the region's liberation from Russian soldiers, the school began to repair itself. Already on September 1, 2022, the children went to the rebuilt school. But Russian rockets strike on electrical targets, requiring students to pause training. With solar stations, the school in Irpin and other 99 institutions will always be able to work in any circumstances.

Also, the fund is going to implement a similar project to hospitals — to equip them with solar power plants with batteries.

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