Ukrainian Service “Lab24” Launched in Poland

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, December 20, 2022
Ukrainian Service “Lab24” Launched in Poland

The service that allows you to join the online queue to the laboratory has become a partner of "Synevo Poland"

Lab24 is a Ukrainian service that helps patients make an online appointment with a doctor/laboratory or call a medical specialist at home. From now on, the service will also work in Poland. As the press service of the company reports, the service was launched in partnership with Synevo Poland in 200 laboratories in 70 Polish settlements.

In order to evaluate the benefits of the service, you need to download the application or register online and call a specialist when needed. It is obvious that not all tests can be taken at home, therefore, through Lab24, you can choose a suitable time window for a visit to the laboratory and pass without waiting in line. The results of the analyzes will be sent online to the user's personal account. Statements in Ukrainian, Polish and English, Polish are currently unavailable.

According to Lab24 CEO Volodymyr Nerubenko, hardly anyone will want to return to personal reception in the laboratory after using the service.

The service has been operating in Ukraine since 2013 in partnership with Ukrainian companies Liki24 (online ordering and instant delivery of medicines) and TerraLab (educational platform). In addition to Ukraine and Poland, Lab24 is available in Bucharest (Romania).

We remind you that the taxes of Ukrainians who have registered as entrepreneurs in Poland already replenish the state budget and thank Poland and its people for their hospitality.

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