Ukrainian Start-Up “OVO” Raises $25,000 from “Amazon Web Services”

Thursday, August 12, 2021
Ukrainian Start-Up “OVO” Raises $25,000 from “Amazon Web Services”

"Amazon Web Services" invested in fresh vegetable and vegetable delivery service "OVO"

In May 2021, Kyiv-based startup OVO received a grant of $25,000 for using AWS cloud services and $10,000 for business support through TA Ventures, which is an AWS activate provider.

OVO is an innovative platform that allows you to order fresh fruits and vegetables for delivery. The project, which was founded during the 2020 lockdown by Roman Melkumov and Stepan Zinyakov, was implemented in Kyiv.

It should be noted that the business model of the service meets the modern requirements of large agents.

“We have the potential to leverage AWS cloud services in the amount of $100,000 for server computing power in the next 3-5 years. Amazon Web Services provides support for on-premises projects. This will help expand OVO to the Eastern European market and test AWS services for the global future,” comments Roman Melkumov, OVO co-founder. “Looking ahead, Amazon is also being proposed to help OVO go international. For example, the AWS activate program will provide computing power for market research and analysis.”

Everyone knows Amazon Web Services today, as it is the world's most widely deployed cloud platform. Thanks to the AWS activate the program, Amazon Web Services, startups have the opportunity of free tools to promote their business. It also includes tutorials and expert support to get you started quickly on AWS.

OVO's collaboration with Amazon and TA Ventures confirms the innovation of Ukrainian youth, the desire to make the country more attractive for residents of the capital, but also for investors.

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