Ukrainian Startup to Help People with Online Shopping

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 18, 2022
Ukrainian Startup to Help People with Online Shopping

Ukrainian startup “3DLook” has been able to attract $6.5 million in its project to help people shop online

The funds received by the company in the form of investments from investment funds such as Almaz Capital, TMT Investments, and Zubr Capital are planned to be used to hire new employees and to open research centers in the United States and Europe.

3DLook is a smartphone application that allows users to measure their bodies. For proper analysis, the program checks 2 life-size photos of a person using computer vision technology. Such technologies are used by companies like Snapchat, Apple, and Facebook.

Thanks to the application, shoppers will be able to find out their correct arm and leg length, thigh, and waistline, and as a result, will be able to find the right size of clothes in online stores. Not only shopping but also sellers themselves will benefit from this technology, as customers will be less likely to return or change clothes. At the same time, their body data helps companies develop better clothes.

This technology is already used by more than 100 global brands, including 1822 American denim clothing, the Fechheimer brothers, which sell uniforms, Red Thread, a women's clothing band, and specialty brands that sell men's clothing.

To use 3DLook technology, resellers must add the app widget to their app or website and ask customers to take and upload 2 photos.

According to the company, the demand for 3DLook grew rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic, and since April 2020, the company's revenue has grown almost 6 times and reached $1 million.

Also, in addition to measuring clothing, 3DLook technology will be used in many other areas, such as the manufacture of individual car seats or to clearly show what changes occur with the human body after exercise.

The company currently employs 80 people, most of whom work in Odesa and Kyiv.

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