Ukrainian Startups that Gain Prominence on their Own

Monday, December 13, 2021
Ukrainian Startups that Gain Prominence on their Own

Useful startups of Ukrainians who became popular not thanks to the media and competitions

Not all developers and startups seek fame or participate in competitions that increasingly help young innovators advance. The reason for this is simply a desire to help the world. Such people and their start-up projects often aim to improve the environment or make comfortable living in a multi-story complex. And today, we have prepared a few last start-up projects of Ukrainians that become popular only because of feedback from others.

A start-up project on environmental clean-up has been operating in central Ukraine, Dnipro, for almost two years now. Recyclable point is a fairly simple and memorable name for the project. In 2019, only one resident from Dnipro set up in the basement of one of the houses, a reception point for recyclable materials. Today, there are special tanks for sorting, packing, and queues in the reception area for unnecessary bottles, things, paper, and glass garbage. Not only residents of the district learned about this project, but also people from all over the city. That is why today, the startup of one Ukrainian helps to get rid of the garbage and contribute to the ecological conditions of the city.

The Ukrainian project was founded in 2010. Initially, it was a small food delivery organization. We’d like to note that food delivery was not something familiar in Ukraine at that time. However, the project began to be noticed and used for internet orders and food deliveries from city supermarkets. Later, was able to attract foreign investors, with whom it operated until 2020.

Medusha is a Ukrainian manufacturer of organic honey. The enterprise has been functioning for several years. But with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, the popularity of branded honey, which was already in short demand, fell several times over. So Medusha’s head of business education decided to implement one of the startup ideas. The businessman walked away from the glass cans that usually sell honey and made beeswax tanks. Such cans allowed to classify the product as entirely natural and safe. And we know that in Ukraine and the world, demand for natural and ecological quality is growing daily.

These projects did not have presentations, exhibitions, or television advertisements to make them known. These solutions to given problems were made public only because the people around them saw the benefits of activating the project.

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