Ukrainian Tech-Invention — the Best in 2022

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, November 13, 2022
Ukrainian Tech-Invention — the Best in 2022

"Time" recognized the Ukrainian "Esper Bionics" prosthesis as the best invention of this year

Prosthesis Esper hand, developed by Ukrainian engineers, is on the top of the 200 "Best inventions of 2022", according to Time. It is the first "cloud" prosthetic working on artificial intelligence, which is learning and developing during its use. The prosthesis has 24 sensors to detect and process brain impulses. That is, the device can recognize the effort of the mind first, and after it is built up under muscle activity, making it easier to use. The device also has built-in machine learning, which allows the prosthesis to memorize actions and, over time to act more intuitively. Despite all components, the appliance is light for people with developmental or limb injuries.

"The most important technology developed in the next 30 years will be electronics inside the human body," the chief director of Esper's hand, Dmytro Hazda.

The leaders of the Time rating are also a colour-changing car, the best telescope ever, actually delicious fake steak, life-mapping AI, diamonds made from air, and a cancer-finding supertest.

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