Ukrainian Technological Developments for Comfortable Life in the Country

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 11, 2022
Ukrainian Technological Developments for Comfortable Life in the Country

Ukraine is considering a draft law on setting traffic lights for cyclists and is creating an application for factory pipe control

Ukrainians aspire to European society. For its part, the state is doing everything possible to make Ukraine look like a European city and provide comfortable conditions for life.

Traffic lights will be installed at busy intersections where there are bicycles. Two-wheeled vehicles' "green" signal should light up a few seconds earlier than for cars moving in the same direction. During this time, cyclists will be able to drive to the middle of the intersection and turn left or to the right. Of course, they will be seen to pass safely in this way.

Besides security, Ukrainians are also interested in aesthetic aspects. The authorities are now trying to provide aesthetic beauty in all the country's major cities.

For example, in the center of Ukraine, Dnipro is developing an application to control the light show on the plant's pipes. A program designed specifically for lighting management will use ready-made patterns. In addition, all requests will be e-queued. Applications will be reproduced every day from early evening to 10 p.m.

The online journal Dnepr Future reports that the Dnipro light show on pipes won the LIT Awards award. The prestigious light design competition in Los Angeles was not the only art installation triumph. The show managed to beat the" rel="dofollow">projects of America, China, Austria, and Japan in the competition Light Art Project.

In addition, Wi-Fi towers have been installed in some cities of Ukraine. With their help, Ukrainians can use the Internet, charge telephones, and get quick information about the city.

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