Ukrainian Technological Progress to Help People

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 16, 2021
Ukrainian Technological Progress to Help People

Best inventions and designs to facilitate rescue operations were presented in 2021

Recently, Ukraine has been actively working on security measures. The changes concern both educational institutions, the organization of tourism in the country, and even the work of firefighters. As for major technological processes for emergency response, they were completed this year. Only in the State emergency service that two updates to help rescue workers were represented within a year.

In December, the Ukrainian company Validus Special Car, specializing in equipment manufacture, produced a car for firefighters. The plant provided an emergency vehicle for work in different locations. The high all-terrain travel capability of the large vehicle was achieved thanks to the three-axle chassis of the Czech Tatra Terra Group. Now the SARM-V car will be transferred to the State emergency service of Ukraine. It is planned to use SARM-V to deal with the consequences of technological and natural disasters.

The car has a 12-liter engine and Euro 5 environmental standard, LED headlamps, an updated bumper, and a radiator grille. A unique feature of this special technique was the crane-manipulator. The total weight of the car is 28.5 tons.

The application speeding up the process of saving people is another novelty for Ukrainian rescuers. Ukrainians developed the rescue GPS in cooperation with Romania. It can be installed on the phone by any tourist.

Very Good Security is another project to help Ukrainians. Last year this project was only an American-Ukrainian startup. Its main task was to protect information about people. In this way, Very Good Security helps Ukrainians spend time on social media, shopping without worrying about data security. For businesses, such cybersecurity will also be a helpful solution.

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