Ukrainian Women Win the World Youth Beach Volleyball Championship

by Roman Cheplyk
Tuesday, December 21, 2021
Ukrainian Women Win the World Youth Beach Volleyball Championship

Ukrainian couple Angelina Khmel and Tatiana Lazarenko won gold medals at the “World youth beach volleyball championship”

In the world championship final, Ukrainian volleyball players defeated Spanish women Daniela Alvarez Mendoza and Sofia Gonzalez Rasero.

In addition, Angelina and Tatiana have titles of European champions in 2020 (U18) and bronze medalists of the European championship (U22).

"I am proud that I have the opportunity to defend the honor of my country and perform under the blue and yellow flag. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for the support and kind words that our team received, " Angelina wrote on her Instagram.


In the group stage, the Ukrainian 18-year-old athletes won all matches and advanced to the playoffs from first place. The Ukrainian women knocked out pairs from Italy, Russia, and Switzerland in the elimination matches.

In the final, Khmel and Lazarenko met with the Spanish team, having won with a score of 2:1 (21:17, 18:21, 17:15).

For the first time in history, Ukraine won the gold medal of the U21 World championship in the women's tournament.

It is worth noting that Ukraine won the U21 Beach volleyball world championship for the second time in history. In 2011, Sergei Popov and Valery Samodai won gold, but this is the first medal in history for the women's team.

Last week Khmel and Lazarenko won the bronze medal of the U19 World championship.

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