Ukrainians Can Get the Right to Practice Law in Lithuania 

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, April 18, 2023
Ukrainians Can Get the Right to Practice Law in Lithuania 

The MoJ of Lithuania proposes to open the opportunity for lawyers from 3rd countries to conduct professional activities, subject to the fulfilment of international conditions

The Ministry of оustice of Lithuania reported that with the beginning of the war, the Ukrainian legal community moved to Lithuania and sowed the idea of allowing representatives of 3rd countries to conduct legal activities in Lithuania. Thus, Ukrainian lawyers will be able to provide competent assistance to Ukrainian citizens who also fled to Lithuania from the Russian war.

Currently, the Ministry of оustice has drawn up a list of requirements for citizens of other states, upon fulfilment of which they will have the right to conduct professional activities and use attorney guarantees:

  • The registered right of an individual to conduct legal activity on the territory of the native state;
  • Professional activity can only be carried out in partnership with a Lithuanian lawyer;
  • Conducting activities only in the field of international law and on the condition that this degree of the service provider that confirmed in the country of obtaining the professional degree;
  • Mandatory notification that the service provider is a representative of another country and not a Lithuanian lawyer;
  • Conducting activities in accordance with the Law on advocacy and the Code of ethics of Lithuanian lawyers.

The Ministry of justice submitted this proposal as a draft to the Law on advocacy. After the approval of the project by the Council of the Lithuanian Bar, it will be sent for consideration by the Seimas.

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