Ukrainians Created a Game About Our Reality

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, October 15, 2022
Ukrainians Created a Game About Our Reality

"DemoGratia" is a game about security during the wartime

Ukrainian developers have released a game where users can test and upgrade their knowledge of the war. The simulator invites the player to become a volunteer, defender, or ordinary citizen who is in a dangerous situation. Each role has several scenarios. The player can open them by selecting an action. In this way, a person can choose how to act and see the consequences in the context of shelling, media propaganda, occupation, and communication with the military. By answering questions and choosing one or another action, a person can get detailed information and correct answers with an explanation.

The game is called DemoGratya — a game of Ukrainian words combining "democracy" and "game" ("gra" in Ukraine — ed.) This name was given to the simulator before the war when the developers only presented the game. The first part of the game is devoted to the life of the person in society and the civil environment.

For the young people to gain knowledge during the game, the developers used information from the Security Service of Ukraine, military administrations, and the Ministry of health. The game was developed by Ukrainians Yurii Marchenko and Myroslav Kryzh for The nternational foundation for electoral systems.

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