Wonderful Ukrainians

War is a time when the soul of every man can be seen outside. And many of the Ukrainian volunteers do as their heart tells them, they do not expect fame. However, good deeds cannot go unnoticed. 4 inspiring stories of Ukrainians who were not supposed to get into the press
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The official representation of the Azovstal Families reported on the donation of a famous fighter for Mariupol, Mykhailo Dianov

The man, who was crippled and returned from Russian captivity, gave $81.000 for the needs of children whose parents died protecting or being in the Azovstal plant. It is reported that the Ukrainian soldier received this money from concerned Ukrainians who were collecting donations for his treatment. However, the man decided that the rehabilitation of children is more important — this is the future of Ukraine.

The resident of the Kharkiv region, Nataliia, before the war, worked as a teacher at the school

But the Russian army, entering the village Zolochiv, destroyed the school. Nataliia came up with a way to prevent the occupiers from taking knowledge from the children — she opened a primary school at her home. The teacher taught classes for local children from 8:30 a. m. to 2:30 p. m. The teacher teaches children from 6 to 11 years old, communicates with them during breaks, and serves them tea.

Yurii Kuznetsov — a doctor of traumatology from Izyum came to work on March 6 and stayed there for 4.5 months

The doctor helped the wounded in the hospital's basement as the occupiers destroyed part of the building. Kuznetsov remembers that he and his assistants removed the basement, equipped the kitchen and lived there with 72-78 people before the arrival of the Ukrainian army. But since March 10, the man remained the only doctor. His 12-year-old son wanted to help and stay with his father. Yuri shared pleasant and sad indicators of statistics. There were also dead — 2 adults could not be saved. But he, a trauma doctor, took 4 births. 4 Ukrainians were born. 

Look how exhausted Yurii is. 

The hospital.

Lviv surgeons perform an operation on a child's heart without a centralized power supply

Recently it became known that in the hospital in Lviv, surgeons carry out operations in the dark. Recall that the whole of Ukraine now has a power outage of 4-8 hours after the Russian invaders destroyed most of the power plants. But for some, that time can cost lives. Therefore, doctors in western Ukraine continue to work, saving light or using the generator's power during its outages.

Wonderful Ukrainians
Ukrainian Olena Talapa has a sewing business which cooperates with Europe and the USA

Also, Talapa became Mrs. Transcontinental 2023. Since the beginning of the war, businesswomen began to help Ukrainians. First, the woman gave from her atelier all the fabric that was suitable for the creation of a "Molotov cocktail", then began to sew flags of Ukraine. It also provided Ukrainian military clothes and armour vests. In the war's first months, finding good things was difficult, so she decided to sew them. Talapa says that business should work in the country. 

So now she has returned to basic work. And Ukrainians do not stop surprising.

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