Ukrainians Don’t Buy Candles

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, April 11, 2022
Ukrainians Don’t Buy Candles

Great Britain and Estonia handed over equipment to restore and maintain the operation of the energy system of Ukraine in the war and post-war period

Due to the constant shelling and explosions of Ukrainian cities, numerous settlements were left without electricity. Not only the private sector is suffering, but also businesses. One of the iconic examples is the damage to the Chornobaivska power plant: due to the breakdown of the city's electrical system, the automatic feeding system for chickens at the local poultry farm was turned off, and 4 million birds died of starvation. That was the biggest poultry farm in Europe. 

The UK has begun to transfer mobile generators and specialized equipment to Ukraine to create an electricity reserve and keep commercial and state energy companies viable. This is extremely important in the face of a permanent threat of a blackout, which, as we see, is not terrible for short-term domestic inconveniences but is an absolute disaster.

"Ukraine has received the second batch of portable power generators that the UK provides to our state to maintain the reliability of energy supply. The first batch, 21 generators, arrived earlier," the Ministry of energy of Ukraine said on April 9th.

The total batch of mobile power generators from Britain is 500 units.

The Estonian government also donated 10 tons of material and equipment to our country to restore the power grids destroyed by Russian troops. According to the Ministry of уconomy of Ukraine, the assistance package includes, for the most part, cables, aluminum filament, and tools to launch the electrical structure.

We remind you that a power supply has already been partially restored in Bucha, and an internet connection has been restored.

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