Ukrainians Get Cooler Every Day

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, April 7, 2022
Ukrainians Get Cooler Every Day

"Ukrainians in the United States were trained to use "Switchblade" kamikaze drones," Pentagon

The United States helps Ukraine with weapons and provides training in managing the new tool.

A group of Ukrainians was trained in the United States on the use of Switchblade drones designed to destroy armored vehicles and tanks. The Armed Forces of Ukraine fully adapt to any actions and provocations of Russia in the East of our country and other regions.

"The Ukrainian military has been trained in the United States and can share the experience with the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the use of Switchblade kamikaze combat drones. We took the opportunity, while the Ukrainian military is still in the country, to conduct several days of exercises with them on the use of the Switchblade," Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Recall that as part of a new aid package from the United States, Ukraine will receive Switchblade-600 designed to destroy tanks. The United States also handed over the Switchblade-300, designed to attack infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

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