Ukrainians Have Developed Smart Gas Meters

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Ukrainians Have Developed Smart Gas Meters

The certification of meters that will automatically send reports and indicators to the gas distribution provider has been completed

The regional gas company of Ukraine completed the production and certification of membrane gas meters, which, through a built-in modem, are able to independently read natural gas consumption indicators and forward them to the gas distribution company. This is especially relevant today when millions of Ukrainians have left their homes and are unable to send indicators to their provider. Smart meters also make life easier for those Ukrainians who stayed at home because there is no longer a threat of missing the deadline for submitting reports and being forced to overpay for automatic transfers.

"New meters will be installed both as part of the investment program of gas distribution companies and intended for commercial sale. Developers usually do a new installation. As part of the investment program, we will replace old metering devices that have not been verified with new meters for free," the head of the department of development and research Yaroslav Havrel.

The first 16.000 meters will be manufactured in the near future and will be installed already this year.

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