Ukrainians received 124 million mortgage loans

Tuesday, April 27, 2021
Ukrainians received 124 million mortgage loans

Since the beginning of the state program “Affordable mortgage 7%”, loans for ₴ 124 million have been provided to residents of Ukraine

On March 1, Ukraine launched the Affordable mortgage at 7% Program. Under the terms of the program, the mortgage object can be either an apartment or a private house up to six years of operation.

Residents of Ukraine who have the goal of acquiring the first residential property or property rights to such a property, as well as improving living conditions, if the area of the residential property does not exceed the standard area.

- The loan is provided for up to 20 years. The mortgage rate is 7%.
- The maximum cost of the object is UAH 2.5 million, and the mortgage amount is ₴ 2 million.
- The first minimum installment is 15%.

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