“Ukroboronprom” and Amentum Services to Establish Enterprise for Repairing American Equipment

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, June 13, 2024
“Ukroboronprom” and Amentum Services to Establish Enterprise for Repairing American Equipment

Ukraine and the USA have reached an agreement to create an enterprise dedicated to repairing American armored vehicles

This was announced by the Joint-Stock Company "Ukrainian Defense Industry" (Ukroboronprom).

New Partnership for Maintenance and Repair

Ukroboronprom has signed a memorandum of understanding with Amentum Services. This collaboration will facilitate the restoration and maintenance of American armored vehicles at Ukrainian factories. Currently, Ukrainian specialists are preparing for the arrival of equipment and spare parts necessary for the repair of these vehicles.

"Representatives from Amentum Services, Inc. have previously visited Ukroboronprom facilities to assess their capabilities, technical base, and potential. Our domestic experts are now anticipating assistance from our new partners, including technical documentation, equipment, and spare parts essential for the maintenance and repair of American-made armored combat vehicles," the statement from Ukroboronprom read.

Signatories of the Memorandum

The memorandum was signed by General Director Herman Smetanin on behalf of JSC "Ukrainian Defense Industry" and Joe Dunaway, President of Executive Operations of the Critical Missions Division, on behalf of Amentum Services, Inc.

Continued Collaboration with Rheinmetall

This initiative follows Ukroboronprom's recent collaboration with Rheinmetall. The first joint workshop for the repair and production of armored vehicles was opened in Ukraine. Additionally, Ukraine has been producing weapons in cooperation with the German defense plant Rheinmetall. As Ukroboronprom's head, Herman Smetanin, mentioned, the enterprises are located in Ukraine, with Germany supplying some of the components. Moreover, certain defense-industrial complex (OPC) products are also being manufactured in partner countries.

This new enterprise with Amentum Services represents a significant step in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities through international partnerships and advanced technical collaboration.

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