UN Fixes Russian Executions Over Ukrainian Soldier 

by Roman Cheplyk
Saturday, March 25, 2023
UN Fixes Russian Executions Over Ukrainian Soldier 

UN Monitoring mission documented 40 executions of military personnel 

The UN mission reported that it was able to document 15 executions of Ukrainian military personnel officially. The defenders of their country died at the hands of the Russian occupiers after being captured. The Russian military uses cruel torture methods to military data: firing, electric shocks, or infliction of gunshot or stab wounds. There are also cases when the Russian armed forces imitate the execution process in which Ukrainian prisoners participate. The report indicated that one Ukrainian prisoner of war had died of severe torture, and five Ukrainians had not received medical treatment.

"The conditions of detention of many Ukrainian military personnel were shocking," said Mathilde Bogner, head of the human rights monitoring mission.

She also noted that the report is based on the words of the soldiers interviewed who were released by Ukrainians and Russia – 200 people each. It is also noted that the mission had limited or no access to Ukrainian prisoners.

Bogner noted that 25 deaths of Russian prisoners of war were also recorded in Ukraine. However, Kyiv granted access to all data and locations of the accident. The report also stated that Ukraine held prisoners of occupation at an appropriate level.

Recall that recently it became known that the Russian soldiers were shot captive for saying "Glory to Ukraine".

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