UN Security Council Discusses War in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, June 6, 2022
UN Security Council Discusses War in Ukraine

On June 6 UN Security Council to hold a meeting to discuss sexual violence by Russian soldiers

On June 1, the UN website reported on the next meeting regarding Russia’s war against Ukraine. The topic of the meeting was painful and sensitive — sexual violence during the war.

The UN Deputy secretary-general, special representative on sexual violence in armed conflict Pramila Patten, will address the meeting. It is also expected to hear representatives of civil society of Ukraine and the USA.

The members of the security council will examine the evidence and facts of sexual crimes committed by Russia. The official communication refers to Ukrainian claims of repeated deaths due to vaginal and internal lacerations.

It is becoming brutal that Russian soldiers rape women, men, girls, and boys. At the same time, the close relatives of the victims are forced to watch war criminals.

British ambassador to Kyiv Melinda Simmons believes that the Russian military uses rape as a weapon in the war against Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian side says that the computer will punish all rapists. The United Nations supports Ukraine and is ready to actively act within its capabilities.

"We will meet as often as the situation on the ground requires," said Chairman of the security council Ferit Hodge.

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