Multimodal Transportation in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, November 17, 2021
Multimodal Transportation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian parliament passed a law on multimodal transport in compliance with the EU Council Directive

The parliament of Ukraine on Wednesday, November 17, adopted a law on multimodal transportation of goods. Draft law №4258 was supported by 298 deputies with the required 226 votes.

Law №4258 sets out the foundations for transport and encourages cleaner modes of transportation to protect the environment and prevent climate change and excessive" rel="dofollow">energy consumption.

The document introduces the following concepts in Ukraine:

  • Multimodal and combined transportation of goods;
  • Multimodal terminal;
  • Multimodal transport document;
  • Operator and customer of multimodal transportation;
  • Definition of a multimodal transport contract, its essential conditions, rights and obligations of its parties;
  • Basic principles of government regulation and government assistance in this type of transportation.

Multimodal transportation provides the carriage of goods by two or more modes of transport (for example, by rail and cars or by sea and rail) under one end-to-end contract. The operator of such transportation is responsible for the cargo from the moment it is accepted until its delivery at the final point. Accordingly, to receive compensation for loss for the lost (damaged) load, the service customer does not need to establish at what stage of transportation the damage or loss of cargo occurred or which of the carriers did not fulfill the obligations of timely delivery load.

The adopted law should regulate such transportation at the legislative level.

This document implements the EU Council Directive of December 7, 1992, to establish standard rules for the certain combined transport of goods between the member states. 

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