UN Under-Secretary-General Arrives in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, December 12, 2022
UN Under-Secretary-General Arrives in Ukraine

On December 12-15, Martin Griffiths will visit the de-occupied cities and assess the infrastructure challenges faced by Ukraine

Martin Griffiths, Antonio Guterres' deputy for humanitarian affairs and emergency relief arrived in Ukraine today. Griffiths will stay in Ukraine for 4 days, and during this time, he will visit several de-occupied towns and cities that have suffered from Russian attacks. It is known that, first of all, Griffiths is interested in the state of power facilities in Mykolaiv and Kherson.

According to the UN press service, during his visit to Ukraine, Griffith will get acquainted with the distribution of humanitarian aid provided to Ukraine, as well as assess the infrastructure problems that Ukraine will have to deal with in the winter.

In Kherson, UN representatives will see shelters where citizens will live in the event of a total shutdown due to Russian attacks on the region's energy infrastructure. I am glad that the UN really understands the seriousness of the Ukrainian issue and the fact that "millions of people are without the ability to heat their homes, have clean water or electricity at the same time when the frosty winter comes."

Today, 18 million Ukrainians need help. There are about 30.300 people without electricity in the Odesa region. In the Kyiv region, the townspeople sit without electricity and communications for 15 hours daily.

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