“Unilever” Sponsors €2 Mln Medical Initiative in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, November 6, 2023
“Unilever” Sponsors €2 Mln Medical Initiative in Ukraine

Previously, the company paid russia €108 mln in taxes for continuing doing business in the country-terrorist market

Unilever, which has not left the terrorist country's market and has paid it €108 million in taxes since the beginning of the war, decided to help Ukraine. It's not about the exit of one of the largest manufacturers from russia: Unilever will implement a medical initiative to help Ukrainians affected by the war. In total, the company will transfer €2 million for this social project.

€1 million will be redirected for the reconstruction of the maxillofacial surgery department at the Lviv hospital, and special equipment will be purchased to reconstruct the faces of people torn by russian missiles and drones. Such a project has already been established in Ukraine in the rehabilitation centre Unbroken and the First medical association of Lviv. It is planned to provide care to at least 400 patients per year.

Another €1 million Unilever transfer to the U+System charity project, which is aimed at returning the opportunity for Ukrainians to live fully. U+System is engaged in comprehensive medical rehabilitation of victims of war: reconstructive surgery, orthopaedic surgery and prosthetics, physical rehabilitation, hearing prosthetics and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Every euro is crucial for crippled and wounded Ukrainians. After all, this is a chance to regain an appearance and self-confidence. However, here would be less such victims/patients Unilever stops sponsoring the war. 

On the cover you see parents running for help for their 1.5-year-old son. The family came under russian bullets in Mariupol in February 2022. The boy died in the hospital.

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