Unique Ukrainian Scientific Solutions for Saving Children

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Unique Ukrainian Scientific Solutions for Saving Children

Creation of a gala-apparatus and cardiac arrest for several hours under the insurance apparatus "artificial heart — lungs"

4 years ago, Ukrainian Kasko Bohdan was diagnosed with a tumor along the cervical spine. After the tumor was removed, the boy’s neck became distorted, and he could stop breathing. So the neurosurgeons at Ohmatdyt national children’s hospital did a unique job and created a special apparatus to save the boy’s life. To save the child, neurosurgeons developed a special medical device. The machine was made of plates and bridges made of carbon and titanium. He was placed around his head. Gradually, the construction aligned the boy’s neck and helped him breathe normally.

Doctors performed a 13-hour operation on Kasko’s cervical spine when the device was used. Such a gala-apparatus was the first in Ukraine. And already during the first application has justified its complexity with efficiency.

Earlier, in central Ukraine, in Dnipro, doctors performed surgery on a child with a heart defect. The operation lasted several hours, and doctors had to stop the baby’s heart. Doctors decided to use the "artificial heart lungs" apparatus to save a life. It was invented in 1926. Almost 30 years later, this machine was first used in America. And now, doctors from the Dnipro have managed to save a young child by applying the old machine. However, as noted on the hospital’s official website, the operation's success depended on the condition of the apparatus. At the hospital, he appeared on the eve of the surgery in modern form.

Such episodes in medical practice prove the progressivity and significant contribution to the development of medicine by Ukrainian scientists.

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